Your View: Semonians record as court clerk is time-tested


To the editor:

Ed Semonian should be re-elected the citys clerk of circuit court in November Alexandria needs him. Alexandria does not need city positions requiring skilled professional service turned into targets for cheap, partisan shots. Theres already too much of that across the river.

The clerk of circuit court is a demanding, professional job. It requires detailed legal knowledge, good management skill and sensitivity to residents needs. Mr. Semonian has continuously shown Alexandria these qualities for many years. Alexandria is lucky Mr. Semonian is willing to serve again. His job is an important one. Do you want to know if the mortgage on your home was released when you made the last payment?  Go to the deed records his office keeps. Want to know if someone has made a claim possibly blocking the sale of your house? Check with the clerks office.

Serving as clerk is not a politically partisan job. Yes, Mr. Semonian is a Democrat in Alexandria and so am I, but the selection of clerk is not about party affiliation. The choice is about skill, experience, integrity and perseverance all attributes Mr. Semonian possesses. 

As an architect, a conservationist and a landowner, I depend on the clerks office to protect my rights. Having these records carefully maintained is vital to businesses in Alexandria, homeowners and to folks in other stages of life. Ed does the job. 

Mr. Semonians challenger, Chris Marston, filed his candidacy at the very last minute. The challenger has said he hopes a low turnout election will hand him an upset win. But this job is really important. Its not a game for some rookie to score. Lets do Alexandria proud with a high turnout and a landslide vote for Mr. Semonian in November.