Your View: Singing the praises of GenOns demise literally


To the editor:

As a part-time resident of Alexandria, the power plant is a major part of my life because I live at Marina Towers and work on the other side of it at 1055 N. Fairfax St. During a walk along the Mount Vernon Trail, the muse struck me, and this song is the result. 

It commemorates the announcement that the Mirant power plant (renamed Gen-On) on the shore of the Potomac River in Alexandria, Virginia will close on October 1, 2012 after years of vain attempts to close this plant, an antiquated, pollution producer.
Good-bye Mirant 
(Sung to the tune of High Hopes)
Once there was a smoky old plant
Tried to change its name from Mirant.
Everyone knows a plant
Change its name from Mirant
Cause its got high smoke
In your eye smoke
Coal-burned smell stinks like hell
Choke and die smoke.
So if youre breathing slow
Stead of feeling low
Just remember that plant and
Oops there goes an old and smoky plant
Oops there goes and old and choky plant.
Say good-bye to all our friends at Mirant!