Your View: No need to replace experience with inexperience


To the editor:

It is a privilege for me to encourage every Alexandria citizen to vote on November 8 and re-elect Edward Semonian as clerk of the Alexandria Circuit Court.

As a real estate appraiser and broker, I have had the opportunity of knowing and working with Mr. Semonian at his former law firm, where he was vice president and trust officer for the United Virginia Bank (now SunTrust), as Board Member of the Bank of Alexandria, but most importantly, as Clerk of the Circuit Court in Alexandria for many years.

In searching real estate records and using his office while serving as executor of several estates, I have found his office to always be cordial, courteous, competent and professional in every way. My work has allowed me to be familiar with every circuit court in Northern Virginia and I place the Alexandria Clerk of Court Office at the top of the list in every positive category.

For these reasons, I want to encourage every Alexandrian to go to the polls on Tuesday, November 8, and vote for Mr. Semonian. There is no reason to replace an experienced professions with inexperience. We need to reward integrity and professionalism of Mr. Semonian.

– Scott C. Humphrey, Alexandria