Libertarian Party eyes Old Town Alexandria for headquarters


Alexandria may be known as a Democratic stronghold, but that isn’t keeping the national Libertarian Party from eyeing the city as a new home for their national headquarters.

Nothing is set in stone, said Wes Benedict, executive director, but the political organization is interested in buying a townhouse office building in Old Town. Party officials believe the move will save money while remaining a short distance from Washington, where the organization currently has an office in the Watergate complex.

Party officials began discussing a move about a year ago, Benedict said. They began fundraising in earnest in September.

If a building is purchased, the organization will name it after party co-founder, the late David Nolan. Nolan, who helped establish a national party in the 1970s, died of a stroke in 2010.

As to Alexandria’s reputation as a bastion of liberal politics — Democrats handily swept local elections earlier this month — Benedict said it wouldn’t be an issue for the party.

“There’s kind of this conventional wisdom that Republicans vote more libertarian than Democrats, but I think if you look at data, that’s not the case,” he said. “Democrats appreciate the little guy. They may not agree with Libertarians on some issues, but I’ve found they’re more willing to cast a vote for a little guy who wants to change the system.”