Opinion: Elected officials bite the hands that feed them

Opinion: Elected officials bite the hands that feed them
(Image: Cat VanVliet)

To the editor:

Something is seriously wrong when a handful of elected and appointed officials war with the citizens they ostensibly serve.

The feud over the waterfront between the public and a handful of public servants, including Mayor Bill Euille, City Councilman Paul Smedberg, acting City Manager Bruce Johnson and City Attorney Jim Banks, is as inglorious as it is unnecessary.

The simple fact that so many caring residents have profound and genuine misgivings with the city’s plans for this distinguishing feature of Alexandria should be enough to have these plans held for further deliberative, dispassionate consideration.

Why is this cabal of city officials so intent on rushing to judgment such an important decision that will have enduring consequences for Alexandria?

Better question: Why are the citizens tolerating their hubris and arrogance?

The disdain these public servants have for the citizens who are simply urging more consideration for the waterfront plan is beyond biting the hand that feeds them. It is insulting and inappropriate. They need to find another line of work.

– James M. Roberts