Opinion: Who says Arlandria should be an immigrant area for all eternity?


To the editor:

“Homogony”? “Stakeholders”? “Gentrification fears”? “Chirilagua”? “Tenants and Workers United”?

In the interests of diversity you think that the miserable, sad dated strip mall in Arlandria should be preserved? Really?

It should be redeveloped and the higher property taxes generated should be used to pay for city services for all.

There were lots of unsupported assumptions and beliefs in last week’s article (“Gentrification fears fuel debate in Arlandria”) and editorial (“Protect Alexandria from homogony”). Who says that Arlandria should be an immigrant area for all eternity? It wasn’t 20 years ago when Presidential Greens was called Presidential Gardens. This is relatively new. Who says the area is “Chirilagua”? Who says that this proposed redevelopment will drive current residents away? Who says rents of the mid-century apartments in the area will skyrocket if there is new development along Mt. Vernon Avenue?

Is the Del Ray section of Mt. Vernon Avenue horrible now that it is sort-of  “gentrified” after 30 years of talk? There is a lot of looking for trouble going on here. You would think that someone has proposed tearing down the entire area as opposed to replacing a tired commercial strip with stores and apartments.

Get a grip. This is really not the same as the waterfront redevelopment issue in Old Town.

– Linda Lyons