Sumpter is latest Democrat to join herd of Alexandria City Council challengers

Charles A. Sumpter Jr. (Courtesy Photo)

West End resident Charles Sumpter Jr. is the latest person to join the race for a seat on the Alexandria City Council in 2012.

Sumpter, 26, announced he will run as a Democrat, placing him among a gaggle of fellow party members intent on winning the primary in June of next year.

A Landmark/Van Dorn resident, his campaign will focus on fiscal responsibility, public transportation and “a more results-oriented government” with a focus on economic development and business growth, especially on the west side of the city, he said.

“I want to bring [the West End] a voice,” Sumpter said. “There are other areas in this city out of Old Town; I love Old Town, but there’s so much more that we can be focusing on. Rather than sit back, I said no, lets change this discussion.”

Sumpter recently resigned from the Washington, DC government, where he was an analyst specialist in contract compliance. He previously worked in the government oversight sector.

“My focus is economic development, government openness, transparency and efficiency, like internal controls to protect against fraud and waste,” Sumpter said. “We’re spending [money] like it’s going away.”

Originally from the Bronx, Sumpter has lived in the region for five years and in Alexandria for about two.