Two injured in Arlandria stabbing

Two injured in Arlandria stabbing
Police say the two men involved in a late night stabbing were walking together on the 500 block of Four Mile Road when they began fighting. (Google)

Alexandria police say the two men hospitalized after a stabbing outside an Arlandria convenience store Tuesday night knew each other before fight broke out.

The duo, described by authorities only as a 24-year-old non-city resident and a 21-year-old local man, were walking together near the 500 block of Four Mile Road about 9:30 p.m. when they began fighting.

Police released few details about the incident, but said the younger man stabbed his partner and fled on foot. The victim pursued him, eventually running down the 21-year-old and assaulting him, said Jody Donaldson, department spokesman.

Authorities were on scene at the nearby 4000 block Mount Vernon Ave. 24 Food Express shortly after the incident. The fight does not appear to be gang related, Donaldson said.

Both were transported to Fairfax Hospital for non life-threatening injuries.

The incident remains under investigation. Neither man faces charges yet, though Donaldson expects detectives will bring them up against the attacker later today.