Alexandria public schools audit delayed until later this month


The results of an independent audit into Alexandria City Public School’s financials won’t be finalized until sometime this month.

Officials originally expected to publicize the results of the review, conducted by Robinson, Farmer, Cox Associations, in mid-December. Superintendent Morton Sherman called for the study after learning employees knowingly violated internal policies, including keeping administrators and school board members in the dark about budget transfers.

At least one staff member has resigned and another placed on administrative leave following the revelations. While it appears no taxpayer funds were misappropriated for personal gain, Sherman said ACPS would tighten their checks and controls following the audit’s results.



  1. Why the delay with the audit and with so many administrators in the ACPS central office, how was this allowed to occur for such a significant period of time? There are people, including the superintendent, who are being paid exorbitant salaries and this news seems to be on par with what is taking place within our school system.