City manager sends message of morale to government employees

Rashad Young (Photo: Joseph Rodriguez, Greensboro News & Record)

City Manager Rashad Young sent a government-wide email Tuesday to raise morale following a year in which eight city employees were charged with crimes.

“Unfortunately, their arrests have had a negative impact on the image of our city employees,” Young stated.

The letter came after the Alexandria Times published a news article naming each criminally charged employee and an editorial tasking Young with mending the problem.

“Maintaining the public trust is top priority for all of us, and we are all individually responsible for doing our part,” Young wrote. “My expectations are that all Alexandria employees always perform their jobs with the highest integrity, character and professionalism, and the good news is almost all of you share this goal.”

Officials are working “very hard” to prevent the problem in the future, Young said, adding he will provide specific details soon.