CVS move leaves prime King Street parcel open

(David Sachs)

From King Street to King Street, the Old Town CVS Pharmacy began serving customers at its new location across from the city courthouse today.

A passerby or two already has been tricked into trying to enter the chain store’s new location, the site formerly home to Books-A-Million. Stocked shelves inside the newly minted 24-hour CVS were clearly visible from the outside and the interior has been illuminated during daylight hours for several days.

Eastbanc, which owns CVS’ former location at 326 King St., is advertising the nearly 6,000-square-foot retail space on its website. The commercial space is worth more than $3.5 million according to the city’s property assessment data.

The company hopes to renovate the building’s front façade, adding windows and a green trim. It appeared before the board of architectural review Wednesday, after the Times’ deadline.

CVS’s move from the 300 block to the 500 block has been in the works since March, when a banner proclaiming Books-A-Million’s impending closure went up across the four-story building’s brick facade.