Opinion: Pass the waterfront plan and end the shoreline shame

Opinion: Pass the waterfront plan and end the shoreline shame

To the editor:

I have lived in Old Town for a decade and rarely venture to the waterfront. The lack of development of this amazing asset is a shame. I was thrilled when the city decided to create and implement a comprehensive plan. My excitement has given way to frustration as a group of disgruntled residents does everything possible to slow, stop and derail the city’s plan.

These things I know:

The city underwent a very long process of input from residents and experts and took even more time to consider an unfeasible alternate plan.

There will never be a development plan that pleases everyone. Never.

We elected a city council to make final decisions on matters such as this.

I resent the implication that a self-appointed group of unelected individuals love Old Town more than our city council or more than those of us who support the city’s plan. We all care about our history, aesthetics, visitor appeal, resident comfort and economic viability.

I appreciate resident involvement, but at some point we have to move forward. Dissenting voices have been heard and heard again. I hope the Alexandria City Council approves the city’s plan Saturday.

– Karen Gautney