Opinion: Rep. Jim Moran has done more harm than good

Opinion: Rep. Jim Moran has done more harm than good

With Congress’s favorable ratings in the single digits, I encourage the Alexandria Times to retract editorial page editor Denise Dunbar’s Quick Take on December 22, 2011, applauding politicians for micromanaging a parking lot rather than providing effective, sustainable solutions to the challenges confronting our community and nation.

Congress has been reduced to patrolling parking spaces because politicians failed to provide leadership. We have known the Base Realignment and Closure Act’s consequences since its May 2005 announcement, more than six years and seven months ago. No solutions addressing traffic challenges have been developed; no asphalt has been poured. We hear of future construction that may eventually help, but not now.

And Rep. Jim Moran’s (D-8) performance while shepherding this project during the past seven years has tarnished our community. House Democratic leaders, including former Speaker Nancy Pelosi, have questioned his actions and statements.

Influence and persuasion are a congressman’s instruments and Mr. Moran’s reputation costs our community. Consistently rated among the nation’s worst in traffic congestion, our district possesses the best arguments for federal investment in transportation infrastructure. Yet Mr. Moran fails to lead.

Beyond Alexandria, our national debt has grown by more than $12 trillion during his tenure, yet he consistently asserts he would change nothing.

It is time for us to move forward. On our current path, the interest payments on our national debt will exceed a trillion dollars annually by 2020. Your quality of life is at risk; lives may be lost. The safety net would be destroyed.

In more than 20 years on Capitol Hill, the only comprehensive economic and fiscal plan Mr. Moran submitted to the Congressional Budget Office for analysis is one I crafted in 2010.

Together we can, and must, ensure our nation endures and thrives. The plan I wrote increases household incomes, lowers the costs of American production, provides universal health care, eliminates our deficit and reduces debt. We will invest heavily in our nation’s future and strengthen our human capital through education and health care.

The writer is a 2012 Democratic candidate for Virginia’s 8th Congressional District.