St. Stephen’s middle school students earn literary acclaim

“Prattle Tales” earned recognition from the National Council of Teachers of English earlier this month. (Courtesy photo)

St. Stephen’s and St. Agnes’ middle school literary magazine, “Prattle Tales,” once again earned accolades from the National Council of Teachers of English this month.

NCTE rated the publication “excellent,” making it the highest ranked middle school literary magazine Virginia. This is the third time “Prattle Tales” has earned the rating in recent years.

“Our middle school students produce some extraordinary writing and art over the course of the year and are delighted when their work is published in the annual issue of ‘Prattle Tales,’” said English teacher Gail Wolf, who has helped edit the magazine since it’s inaugural edition in 1993.

“It’s particularly thrilling and inspiring when an organization such as NCTE recognizes their talent,” she said.

About a third of the school’s student body participates. Authors, artists and editors prepare the annual publication for distribution throughout the school year. Sixth, seventh and eighth grade students comprise the editorial board, wading through hundreds of submissions a year.

NCTE bestowed the award for the publication’s high standard of writing, variety of genres within and attractive design, according to school officials. “Prattle Tales” competed with more than 390 other schools’ publications for recognition.