City marks Washington’s birthday


British redcoats and German mercenaries squared off against a mix of colonial militia and Virginia infantry on the grassy slopes of Fort Ward Park Sunday, part of the weekend long birthday celebrations for the city’s most famous native son.

The roughly hour long skirmish drew a thick crowd, despite the threat of snow and freezing rain. Though the British regulars pressed the colonial’s right flank and forced the 1st Virginia Regiment to temporarily withdraw, the Americans held the highground and eventually won the day.


The annual showdown comes smack dap in the middle of a weekend full of events dedicated to George Washington. Revelers gathered at Gadsby’s Tavern Saturday evening for the “Birthnight Banquet and Ball” while more active celebrants took part in the George Washington Classic 10K Race through the Eisenhower Valley earlier in the day.

Tomorrow’s climactic parade begins at 1 p.m. and will feature former mayor and state Sen. Patsy Ticer as the grand marshal. For more information, click here.