Landmark Mall: Macy’s, kebabs and … classrooms?

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School officials say Landmark Mall may host classrooms as they look at potential sites for satellite high school campuses geared toward students struggling at T.C. Williams.

The offshoot campuses are part of Superintendent Morton Sherman’s “flexible and extended” learning initiative, designed to boost the city’s graduation rates, said Madye Henson, deputy superintendent. They’re also looking at three or four other locations, she said.

Students juggling class work with jobs or struggling with T.C.’s large student population would be eligible to take lessons at the satellite locations. They would be staffed by teachers working flexible hours and overseen by a single principal, Henson said.

“This is not a new concept,” she said. “You’ll see satellite campuses in most urban centers across the country, but it is new for the region and city.”

A zoning amendment allowing public school use at the mall is expected to go before the city’s planning commission March 8.

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  1. Students juggling class work with jobs, or students struggling with T.C large population: Why does this not make sense to me? I can understand if you need to seek out space for overflow. But those two reasons need serious
    clarification. I always thought schools existed to TEACH first and foremost. What constitutes “students struggling?” Struggling with what? This sounds like the potential for kids to be singled out and labeled in a negative fashion. We don’t need but one principal, and that one needs to assess his time management. Just reading this article leaves a bad feeling in my craw – doesn’t even smell right.