Republican Scott Gordon exits city council race, blasts Councilwoman Alicia Hughes on way out


Del Ray Republican candidate for city council Scott Gordon dropped out of the race Tuesday, citing “a family health concern that has only just now come to light,” according to a statement on his website.

“I urge you all to think very carefully about who you elect to city council this November,” Gordon stated.

Gordon, 30, resigned from the Alexandria City Republican Committee the same day, angry over its continued support of Councilwoman Alicia Hughes.

“The true purpose of this resignation … is in protest to ARCC’s continued support of Alicia Hughes, who (and this is entirely my opinion and in no way representative of any attempt to provide fact) is so morally and ethically challenged, whose character is so questionable, [that she] is unfit to hold office in our city,” Gordon said in a statement

Gordon also endorsed Democratic candidate Sean Holihan.