Attempted abduction in the Hayfield area


A 19-year-old Hayfield-area woman was grabbed by a man as she was jogging on Friday, May 30 around 11 p.m., near Welch Court and Buckhaven Court. The victim saw a man in a dark green pick-up truck drive past her several times and eventually park.

The driver got out of the truck, ran toward her and grabbed her in a bear hug. The victim was able to fight off her attacker and run away unharmed. The suspect ran back to his truck and fled on Welch Court, toward Broadmoor Street.

The victim was not able to clearly identify the suspects race. He was between 6 feet 3 inches and 6 feet 11 inches tall. He was wearing work boots and a hooded sweat shirt. The truck was possibly a Ford with a large cab, carrying a lawnmower in the back.