Clean Up on Sales By Clearing Your House


Now that Earth Day has inspired us to help save the planet, its especially nice to learn that we can serve our own interests at the same time.

We can do that when we are trying to sell our houses, by clearing out the clutter that we no longer use while recycling the items that others might enjoy. And even if our homes are not for sale, we can use the same techniques to make them nicer places in which to live.
That makes it a win-win situation all around — for us, our neighbors and our environment, too. Now our area realtors are telling us the best ways to do both.

Take away the knick knacks
– Norma Heck, Century 21 Accent Homes
The yard and kitchen are the most important places to clean. Inside the house, everybody looks at the kitchen and baths, so make them shine. And take away the knick-knacks from all the rooms, because it makes the house look bigger.

make sure your garden looks great.
– Martine Irmer, Long&Foster
Just unclutter and make sure everything is picked up. And it is spring, so refine your garden to show its ultimate potential.

give away food you wont be using.
– Allison Jensen, Keller Williams
Clean up the remainder of the dead leaves outside and plant flowers and mulch. Go through closets and give away those items you havent worn in the past two seasons they may be donated for a good cause. Also, pack up what you wont be wearing for the next six months. Organize your front hall closet to make sure that winter coats are dry cleaned and stored in the back, with the lighter ones in front. Clean out your pantry and give away food you wont be using. Food banks are especially in need right now.

clean the windows as soon as spring arrives.

– Karen Leonard, Coldwell Banker
The best thing is to clean the windows as soon as spring arrives. They have probably been closed all winter, absorbing dust and cooking spatters. It is simple and inexpensive to make your house shine. Some professionals use window cleaners with newspaper because it does not leave streaks. And of course, go through the closet and get rid of winter clothes. Also, have a vase of fresh flowers, because that really says spring.

If they see clutter, the price goes down.
– Bonnie Rivkin, Coldwell Banker
If your home is clutter free, it looks like you take good care of it. It also seems like you have adequate storage. If they see clutter, the price goes down. That means getting rid of anything you can, including whatever you have not used in awhile. If you have children, the clutter is likely to consist of toys, while grownups tend to leave papers lying around. But the worst clutter culprits are different for everyone.

curb appeal

– Nancy Tompkins, Coldwell Banker
The most important thing I can think of, and what other realtors also talk about, is curb appeal. It is 40 to 50 percent of the job in getting people to see your home.

The front of the house should be fresh and clean, especially around the doorway. If you have a green thumb, add some color around the front door with planters of flowers but be sure not to let them die! Whether or not you are selling your home, the ground should be mulched and the shrubs should be trimmed not only for your own sake, but to help the entire neighborhood.