Happy Independence Day


Nothing is more American than good ol fashioned taxation. Effective July 1, various city fees and taxes were altered. Here are a few that will have pocketbooks and wallets opening wider than before:

Meals tax:The citys meals tax (separate from the 5 percent sales tax on meals) affecting restaurant-goers, increased by one percent, going from 3 to 4 percent. A portion of revenues will go towards a regional marketing campaign to draw the DC area toward Alexandria to dine.

Transient lodging (hotel) tax: Increased by one percent, from 5.5 to 6.5 percent. There is also an additional one-dollar charge per room per night.

Parking meter fees: This increase made all meters in the city a uniform $1.00 per hour. It raises meter costs in the zones east of Washington St. by $.25 and west of Washington St. by $.50. Revenue for the budgets general fund will climb to $680,000 annually, according to the ordinance.

Towing & Impounds: This fee will increase $35, from $135 to $170 per tow by a city tow truck. The consequence of high gas prices, no revenue is expected.