Mark Center defense plans go viral


Documents containing bomb blast specifications for the Defense Department buildings at Mark Center were leaked on the Internet, but the structures remain secure, an Army official says.

style=”white-space:pre”>Reuters obtained the 30-page document, which included the buildings level of bomb resistance on a public website hosted by the Army Corps of Engineers.     
The Mark Center buildings are designed to resist vehicle bombs detonated outside the buildings security perimeter carrying the equivalent of 220 pounds of TNT, Reuters reported. That is far less than the amount of explosive used in recent attacks in the United States, including the 1993 bombing of New Yorks World Trade Center and 1995 bombing of the Alfred Murrah Federal building in Oklahoma City.
The Times reached Ken Wells, chief of public affairs with the Army Corps of Engineers for the New York district, on Wednesday.
What I can tell you is that the BRAC-133 facility has been designed in authority with the Anti-Terrorism Force Protection Directorate, Wells said. 
The Mark Centers security is up to the same standards as the Pentagon, he added.
Alexandria Deputy City Manager Mark Jinks said the city did not review blueprints per standard practice, but the city was told that the building met DoDs anti-terrorism standards.