MY VIEW/Sanford Horn – Singing the Opposite CoStanza


In a world only appreciated by Seinfelds George Costanza, up is down and black is white, there are protests surrounding the visit to the United States by Pope Benedict XVI, while nary a peep is heard regarding the treasonous meeting with the terrorist organization Hamas by former President Jimmy Carter.  (Treason, as in Carter is giving aid and comfort to the enemy.) 

While the First Amendment of the Constitution grants the right to peacefully protest, Pope Benedict XVI, leader of a billion or so Catholics, deserves the respect given a legitimate head of state. (Key word is legitimate.) 

Granted, the Catholic Church has its problems, and Benedict addressed one by meeting and praying with a group who have been sexually abused by priests or other church officials. This is a path never traversed by Benedicts predecessor Pope John Paul II. Clearly this is a step in the right direction attempting to heal deep wounds and fissures imposed upon innocents who should feel nothing but safety and security within their church and their faith. 

Pope Benedict XVI also offered Passover wishes to the Jewish community during the mass at Nationals Park. 

While it is clear that the pontiff, who celebrated his 81st birthday at the White House, is doing the work of his Lord, it is also painfully clear whose bidding Carter is doing by meeting with the leader of Hamas, a terrorist organization, and laying a wreath at the grave of supreme terrorist Yassir Arafat. 

Save for the Republican Jewish Coalitions vigorous protests, and other conservatives, there has been little outcry about Carters attempt to again elevate himself beyond his long past days of relevance. Instead of the British accent of Neville Chamberlain, there is the Southern drawl of Carter. 

What is his goal legitimize a terror organization or legitimize himself? His failure of a presidency has only been punctuated by his failure as an alleged diplomat and statesman. Who asked Carter to take this trip? Who is he representing? As a super-delegate supporting Senator Barack Obama (D-IL), is Carter attempting to clear a path should Obama be elected president this November? 

Why was the former president allowed to take such a trip? The State Department was asleep at the switch here. Trips are not permitted to Cuba, yet, its seemingly fine and dandy to hob-knob with terrorists hell-bent on destroying Israel, and ultimately the United States and Western Civilization.  

Congressman Sue Myrick (R-NC) has called for the State Department to revoke Carters passport. Good idea perhaps that could be accomplished prior to his return. 

As Carter meets with perpetrators of evil, Jewish communities the world over are observing Passover, commemorating the coming out of Egypt, freedom from slaverys chains and a renaissance of Jewish life. Instead of trying to build a bridge that will lead nowhere, Carter should stick to building houses. 

Sanford D. Horn is a writer and political consultant living in Alexandria.