You Little Turkeys


The students of Grace Episcopal School helped feed the homeless of Alexandria by creating a gigantic, canned-food Bountiful Tom Turkey on November 20.

Measuring 28 feet by 32 feet this turkey-shaped structure was entirely made of boxed and canned foods contributed by Grace Episcopal School families. The outreach project took four hours, with every child from preschool through fifth grade helping with the construction. More than 300 cans, jars and boxes of food were used in the construction. All of the food was donated to the Grace Episcopal Church Food Pantry, which works in conjunction with the Alexandria Department of Human Services to feed Alexandria families in need.

As we plan for our Thanksgiving feasts with family and friends, it is vital that we share our bounty with others said Chris Stegmaier Byrnes, Head of School. Tom Turkey was a wonderful visual aid demonstrating the joy of giving. It was a fun way to help others and to reflect on how truly blessed we are.