Andrew Macdonald is no ideologue


By Roger J. Sullivan, Alexandria

Independent mayoral candidate, Andrew Macdonald

To the editor:

On September 19, I attended a city-sponsored meeting at the Nannie J. Lee Memorial Recreation Center concerning potential new aquatic facilities in Alexandria. Only a handful of residents showed up, but Independent mayoral candidate Andrew Macdonald was there. Initially I thought he was just there to campaign, but no, he stayed for the whole meeting.

He and I sat side-by-side for two hours and worked together to think up new ideas for city pools, and he made many good contributions. I had a chance to chat with him quite a bit, and he seemed extremely sensible to me.

Following this positive experience, I attended a fundraiser for Macdonald on October 6. In his remarks to the group, Macdonald made it clear that he is not an ideologue. Rather, he emphasized that he strongly wants to get the community much more involved in city decision-making, instead of just presenting residents with one fait accompli after another.

Macdonald is a Ph.D. geologist who has presented lectures all over the world. He was on Alexandria City Council from 2003 to 2007 and was vice mayor in ’06 and ’07. He is extremely intelligent, hard working and sensible. I am convinced that Andrew Macdonald as mayor would be a great improvement for Alexandria.



  1. HaHaHa, what a joke – Andrew MacDonald is an environmentalist: the newest form of totalitarianism. These are the pseudo scientific frauds bankrupting America with their scientifically unsupported theory of Global warming and climate change based on the plant food CO2 – reagent for O2 – being called a pollutant. How is he going to pay for his idyllic waterfront/environmentalist vision? Answer: Increasing taxes!!! His religion of environmentalism will be pushed on Alexandria and be very, very costly with his anti-development ideas. I remember him recommending preserving the racist housing projects – for their trees and open space – not an ideologue??? There is a way to preserve the waterfront, but it is through development – elsewhere – TDR’s.

    • James Hubbard’s comment does not merit a reply because it represents the most extreme form of willful ignorance concerning climatic change that will continue to happen whether or not people like him bury their heads in the sand [or other places where the sun does not shine].
      The GAIA Hypothesis – written by a former director of the JET PROPULSION Lab in Pasadena, records how ozone depletion was known to have begun as early as the 1960’s as a result of rising CO2 levels.
      These anthropogenically caused phenomena cannot be denied simply because one has an ideological bias that denies things like the anti-ecological effects of industrial capitalism.