New city council must keep taxpayers in mind

New city council must keep taxpayers in mind

By Robert Kraus, Alexandria

To the editor:

Thank you.

This election was extremely exciting and I really enjoyed addressing the issues most important to Alexandria’s voters. The people of my campaign worked very hard and I am extremely proud of the impact that we had and the message that we spread, from the first debate where I was the sole candidate talking about reducing spending and taxes to the later debates where that became the focus.

Above all else, I thank the 7,888 plus people who voted for me. I am truly honored and humbled to have received their votes. The message of fiscal responsibility and social tolerance is clearly resonating with many voters.

Second, I thank my campaign manager Laura Delhomme and my adviser Justin Malkin who played a vital role in keeping my campaign in motion. I want to thank the people who donated to my campaign. Your generosity is very much appreciated. I also wish to thank the many members of the Libertarian Party and all the volunteers who helped on my campaign. I could not have done this without their support and help.

Lastly, thanks to John Chapman, Glenda Davis, Del Pepper, Frank Fannon, Alicia Hughes, Tim Lovain, Jermaine Mincey, Allison Silberberg, Paul Smedberg, Justin Wilson and Bob Wood for being a part of this electoral process. It was a pleasure getting to know each of them during our time on the campaign trail. I also thank the mayoral candidates Bill Euille and Andrew Macdonald who brought so much to the debate.

To the winners, I offer my congratulations and I hope you continue to champion civil liberties and equality. But I also hope you remember that you work for us, the taxpayers, and temper your views on government spending. Please always be mindful of the voter’s wishes and don’t be so quick to rubber stamp what the developers or city staff want. Civil liberty and economic liberty are close cousins. Only when both forms of liberty are respected will people and society be able to reach full potential.