With the election over, time to get involved


By Jermaine Mincey, Alexandria

To the editor:

First I want to congratulate the city councilor-elects Allison Silberberg, John Chapman, Justin Wilson, Tim Lovain as well as returning councilors Del Pepper and Paul Smedberg. They ran great campaigns and I look forward to their leadership on Alexandria City Council.

I would like to thank the friends, family and contributors who supported our cause and motto of an “Alexandria for Everyone.” Your efforts allowed us to run an effective campaign that provided a vision for Alexandria.

Lastly and most importantly I would like to thank the voters of Alexandria for your support. I truly appreciate the trust that you had in me and I will do my best to build upon that trust.

In looking ahead I believe the “What’s Next, Alexandria” initiative is a wonderful idea that continues to build upon the premise of making government seek out the people’s opinion. While my goal was to implement this plan as a city councilor, I will continue to work on this initiative as an active resident. I strongly believe that involving Alexandrians in decision-making policies is the key to moving the city forward. I invite others to join me in this endeavor so we can truly make Alexandria a place for everyone.