Cyclists are out of control

Cyclists are out of control

By Elena Costanzo, Alexandria

To the editor:
Steve, thank you for bringing this up (“Cyclists fail to respect the rules of the road,” December 13). I completely agree with everything in your letter. Seeing bicyclists on the street gives me shivers.

I was brutally insulted by a bicyclist about two years ago. I was in the car with my child and hurrying to a doctor’s appointment when a highly aggressive bicyclist was riding his bike in the middle of North Pitt Street.

After lingering behind him for more than a block, I had no choice but to honk at him. At that, he got off his bicycle, brutally insulted me, and scared my daughter by yelling and calling me names.

A bicyclist hit my colleague’s car door with his foot after her husband asked him not to ride so close to the street. When I talked to people — trying to complain about it — I was told that nothing can be done because the bicyclists have all the rights.

My children and I like to ride our bicycles, but I use the bicycle path. Riding along the few blocks I need to take before I get to the path, I am very careful and respectful to the pedestrians and the drivers.