Cyclists are out of control


By Elena Costanzo, Alexandria

To the editor:
Steve, thank you for bringing this up (“Cyclists fail to respect the rules of the road,” December 13). I completely agree with everything in your letter. Seeing bicyclists on the street gives me shivers.

I was brutally insulted by a bicyclist about two years ago. I was in the car with my child and hurrying to a doctor’s appointment when a highly aggressive bicyclist was riding his bike in the middle of North Pitt Street.

After lingering behind him for more than a block, I had no choice but to honk at him. At that, he got off his bicycle, brutally insulted me, and scared my daughter by yelling and calling me names.

A bicyclist hit my colleague’s car door with his foot after her husband asked him not to ride so close to the street. When I talked to people — trying to complain about it — I was told that nothing can be done because the bicyclists have all the rights.

My children and I like to ride our bicycles, but I use the bicycle path. Riding along the few blocks I need to take before I get to the path, I am very careful and respectful to the pedestrians and the drivers.




  1. It sounds like the cyclist was out of line, but you are hardly an innocent victim. You were rushing to a doctor’s appointment and a cyclist was riding in the middle of the street. Sorry, but the cyclist is not doing anything illegal, and you honked at him. Then “A bicyclist hit my colleague’s car door with his foot after her husband asked him not to ride so close to the street.” Was your colleague telling someone not to do something that is legal?

    Look, I don’t condone cyclists being a jerk. But there are cyclists who are following all the rules who get treated like they have no rights, and get fed up.

    As for cyclists having all the rights: Srsly? Got evidence? I have plenty of counter evidence.

  2. The problem here is the accumulation of self absorbed pedants in old town who think the world revolves around them. For instance, Elena who had no choice but to lay on her horn behind a cyclist. Really? How about pasing safely, or driving normally, or leaving on time to ensure you are not in such a rush, or if you absolutely have to avoind being in the vicinity of a cyclist, move onto a different parallel street. Cyclists give you shivers now? You were brutally insulted? Your daughted became scared? Give me a break. That is what happens in the real world where there are consequences for our actions. Maybe next time you will try to think critically before laying on your horn for no reason.
    Based on my observations, it seems the low number of cyclists around town (who may not obey all traffic laws due to their mode of transportation) do not cause any hazard or danger compared to the very heavy vehicular traffic, often times with aggressive and distracted drivers. This article wasn’t worth the megabytes it took to publish.