Police: Cruiser, shotgun stolen in overnight auto theft

Police: Cruiser, shotgun stolen in overnight auto theft

By Melissa Quinn

Updated 4:13 p.m. Monday

After conducting an inventory of a stolen police cruiser, Alexandria police say the Remington 870 shotgun and Panasonic Toughbook computer were not recovered with the vehicle. The two missing items were in the Crown Victoria when it was reported stolen Friday morning.

Police are also investigating the disappearance of a second cruiser, which was reported missing at 4:35 a.m. Saturday morning and subsequently found in Northeast Washington, D.C. The 2007 Crown Victoria was parked in front of an officer’s house on the 1500 block of Princess St., and police believe the vehicle was taken some time over night.

On Saturday morning, shortly after the cruiser was reported missing, Metropolitan police discovered the car in the city. Police had the vehicle towed back to Alexandria, and no equipment was found to be missing.

Alexandria police are looking into a possible connection between the two stolen vehicles, and the investigation remains ongoing. Anyone with information about either of the cases is encouraged to call the Criminal Investigations Section at 703-746-6711.

Updated 10:35 a.m. Monday

Alexandria police say a missing police cruiser was found in Prince George’s County, MD, around 5 p.m. Friday evening. The Crown Victoria was reported missing that morning, along with A Remington 870 shotgun and Panasonic Toughbook computer.

An inventory of the vehicle has not yet been completed, said department spokesman Jody Donaldson, and police do not have any leads into who stole the car, though the case remains an active investigation.

The vehicle was towed back to police headquarters for processing.


Auto thieves made off with an Alexandria police cruiser parked outside of an officer’s home last night and authorities warn the culprits may now be armed with a department-issued shotgun.

The 2006 Ford Crown Victoria was left parked and locked overnight on the 2700 block of Duke St., police said. The officer reported it missing this morning.

A Remington 870 shotgun and Panasonic Toughbook computer were inside the vehicle when it was stolen. The firearm and computer remain missing, police said.

“There’s definitely a concern [about the missing gun] and what the intent is in taking the vehicle and that there is a firearm in it,” said department spokesman Jody Donaldson.

Officials are anxious to get the take home cruiser – and firearm and computer – back. A police vehicle has never been stolen in Alexandria before, though similar incidents have happened in other jurisdictions, Donaldson said.

Police urge anyone with information regarding the theft or the vehicle – No. 2618 – to contact the department’s criminal investigations section at 703-746-6711.