Scottish Walk’s timing could have been better


By Kenneth J. Wolfe, Alexandria

To the editor:

The preparatory season of Advent began Sunday and runs through December 24. Christmas begins — yes, begins — December 25. So why was the Scottish Christmas Walk on Saturday?

It could not even be called the Scottish Advent Walk this year.




  1. Mr. Wolfe, the Scottish Christmas Walk Weekend has traditionally been the first weekend in December for years and is sponsored by The Campagna Center – not the city as many citizens believe. The parade and all events surrounding the weekend are entirely planned by volunteers, the Junior Friends of the Campagna Center, to raise money for The Campagna Center. While the parade weekend is early in the Christmas season, the time and effort that these ladies put into the weekend is enormous and the event cannot be planned to specific dates due to Advent or any other timing concern. If you would like to have more input into the parade and planning of the weekend, please feel free to contact The Campagna Center to volunteer. The Campagna Center and Junior Friends are always in need of community support. Your feedback is appreciated. Happy New Year.