Doing away with rankings is un-American


To the editor:

I normally pick up the Alexandria Times and Alexandria Gazette Packet and place them immediately into the recycle bin. It’s bad enough living in a town under the stranglehold of leftist Democrats. I don’t have time to read the dribble in these rags.

Today was different. I read “Rethinking class rankings at T.C.” (December 13), and I’m not surprised. In my day, when one was competing, there was first, second and third. No medal or trophy for fourth, fifth and so on. At least the Olympics keep that integrity going.

There is a reason to have valedictorian and salutatorian: They earned it. America used to be a place where we admired and cheered on those who innovate, create and succeed. The Democrats and Socialists and their unholy alliance with labor unions — in this case, teachers — are poisoning the American spirit.

This is classic Marxist class warfare seeping into our culture. We can’t have those who are better — achieving more and being smarter — outshining those who are not. This principal is doing a disservice. We’re creating sniffling leftist sissies.