Local man dealt prescription drugs from doctor’s office

Local man dealt prescription drugs from doctor’s office
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A former Alexandria doctor who pleaded guilty to conspiring to distribute oxycodone in federal court Tuesday faces 20 years in prison.

Larren Wade, 55, of Venica, Fla., admitted issuing thousands of prescriptions for pain medications between March and July 2010, often without a physical examination or review of medical records. At times, he prescribed as many as 2,000 pills per patient each month.

Authorities arrested Wade after he issued multiple prescriptions for oxycodone to two undercover police officers. In one instance, Wade wrote two prescriptions for a fictitious friend of the officer and collected an $85 office visit fee.

“Larren Wade not only violated his oath as a doctor, he violated the law when he provided a highly addictive drug to individuals for no legitimate medical reason,” said U.S. Attorney Neil MacBride. “The abuse of prescription pills has had a devastating impact on our community, and we will continue to pursue unethical doctors who sell the drugs for their own profit.”

Wade typically received cash payment from patients in exchange for the medication. He typically saw 30 to 50 patients daily, though Wade once welcomed more than 100 patients in a single day, collecting close to $10,000 in cash.

Wade will be sentenced on May 17.

The Alexandria Police Department worked in conjunction with Washington field offices of the FBI and Drug Enforcement Administration, and Virginia State Police.

-Melissa Quinn