Times lost sight of what’s at stake

Times lost sight of what’s at stake
(Derrick Perkins)

To the editor:

I was disappointed to read your views concerning the demolition of the former Carver Nursery School building (“The writing is on the wall for the Carver Nursery School,” February 7). Your list of four “good” reasons for demolishing the building and for redeveloping the property began with “the building simply doesn’t rank in the first tier of preservation targets” and “in a city as old as Alexandria, 70-year-old buildings just aren’t as significant as older ones.”

These unfortunate comments are condescending and not helpful to the conversation. I live in the Parker-Gray neighborhood. I speak to its elderly black residents and listen to their stories about what life was like in segregated Alexandria where the Carver Nursery School was in the heart of a vibrant black community.

No, George Washington did not sleep there. But the Times should not be so dismissive of the sentiments of these long-term Alexandria residents in whose lives the Carver Nursery School played a significant part and who must witness the death of the old neighborhood with the building of yet another high-priced condo building.

– Zainab Smith