Elderly and low-income residents can expect to suffer

Elderly and low-income residents can expect to suffer

To the editor:

The Alexandria Times February 28 editorial, “Post-election tax hike: predictable and lamentable,” should be required reading for all city residents — especially the elderly.

This city council, along with the city manager, has proposed an enormous property tax hike this year in addition to raising real estate assessments. In this economy, instead of increasing taxes, they should be decreasing them while making significant cuts to the budget.

Low-income renters, and the elderly that are on fixed incomes, should not have to pay for unnecessary higher rates — for their housing, their parking, their automobile, etc. — just for the privilege of living in this city. An item that has not been mentioned is the spending of $7 million to redo the King Street Metro station parking lot. Not only is that a terrible waste of our tax dollars, but it also will deprive the handicapped, elderly and others from parking at the station, thus forcing those people to either drive their car downtown or not go to D.C. at all.

This city council is the same group that brought us the Washington Headquarters Services complex and will commercialize — and bring more traffic to — the waterfront. It is unfortunate that we will have to live with these spendthrifts for several more years. There is no end to their greed and disrespect for the interests of the residents of this city.

When will the people here in Alexandria wake up and see how poorly their tax money is spent?

– Florence Foelak