Silberberg’s waterfront compromise will heal old wounds


To the editor:

A leader has stepped forward to advance a rational compromise on the waterfront plan, not unlike City Councilor Del Pepper did a year ago. Vice Mayor Allison Silberberg’s proposed adjustment — limiting new hotels allowed in the waterfront plan to one — would protect our precious resources and the quality of our environment.

Further, this compromise would promote the economic well-being of our city while advancing improvements needed to protect and enhance our waterfront. Its adoption may satisfy the interests of competing sides on the issue, help heal the wounds opened by this debate and bring a rational closure to this divisive issue.
As early as December 2011, Silberberg opined in the Washington Post about finding a compromise on the waterfront development issue. Now vice mayor, Silberberg displays courage in proposing compromise in the face of seemingly entrenched positions. I applaud her courage and vision, as I did Pepper for her leadership on this fractious issue last year.

I encourage the mayor and other city councilors to support Silberberg’s proposal, advance the issue and help heal our community. Former state Sen. Patsy Ticer was right to describe the vice mayor as “a voice of reason.”
– Ken Hill