All Alexandria students deserve a STEM education

All Alexandria students deserve a STEM education

To the editor:

After I read Melissa Quinn’s article regarding Minnie Howard’s new STEM Academy (“New STEM Academy available for ACPS students,” March 21), which offers some students the chance to receive “a focused education from the get-go,” I couldn’t help but think: Why is this only being offered to 100 students? And who will be the lucky 100?

Why isn’t the whole school being offered this program? Why only 100 students? If it took the best educators in Alexandria two years to plan the curriculum, why stop at 100? Who decides who the 100 students are, and what are the criteria for selection?

Doesn’t every student at Minnie Howard deserve the best? Doesn’t every student at Minnie Howard deserve to be on an education track that is “focused from the get-go”? Why is the staff of Minnie Howard trying to separate students into groups of those who get the best education and those who don’t deserve it? How is this possible?

If the program is so great, give all students the chance to be educated in it.

The next thing that went through my mind, after reading this article, was: Is the current program offered at Minnie Howard not focused from the get-go? What is all the money that is being poured into the district on a yearly basis going toward, if not into curriculum development?

That is a subject for another day. But for today, let’s work on keeping the Alexandria community together and stop implementing programs that are designed to separate our children.

– Jennifer Fahey