Cuccinelli is the right man for the Executive Mansion

Cuccinelli is the right man for the Executive Mansion

To the editor:

As the owner of a small Virginia business, I would like to take a moment to thank our Republican gubernatorial candidate, Ken Cuccinelli. In the midst of this economic downturn, it is essential for Virginians to support a strong economic growth plan.

Cuccinelli is a father, leader and small business owner, who has demonstrated his insight into Virginia’s economy. He has created a plan to promote growth without raising taxes. A part of his plan for this economy is job creation.

Some parts of Virginia are suffering with an unemployment rate of almost 20 percent. A pro-growth, pro-jobs policy has allowed Virginia to consistently outrank the national average in unemployment, but Virginia can do better.
Restoring Virginia’s economy with common sense and dignity should be the mission of our next governor. That is why I will be voting for Ken Cuccinelli this November.
– Kathleen Hartman