The Alexandria Aces are here: Time to play ball

The Alexandria Aces are here: Time to play ball

To the editor:

Baseball continues to be one of America’s favorite sports, and games are being played everywhere in the D.C. area, with the Washington Nationals an easy favorite. But to check out the wooden-bat variety up close and personal, come see the Alexandria Aces play during this month and next at the Frank E. Mann Memorial Field at Four Mile Run Park.

The Aces, operated by the nonprofit Capitol Baseball Inc., are members of the Cal Ripken Collegiate Baseball League. (Note: Cal was at one of the Aces’ games last season.)

With low bleachers and no nosebleed section at the park, the field is so near that you can almost reach out and touch these college kids playing the major league way. In fact, big league scouts frequent these games and recruit based on the talent they find.

To make this even more appealing for families, ticket prices are low ($3 for children and $5 for adults) and there’s traditional baseball food on hand.

Children, who are often seen throwing balls behind the stand, can safely watch baseball. And for dad or mom, there’s plenty of free parking.

These games are Americana at its best: family fun, NCAA good-sport conduct and talented kids playing their hearts out. And it’s right here in our backyard, so don’t miss out. Come join us: Check out the schedule at and help us cheer our Aces to a winning season this summer. See you at the ballpark!

– Linda Couture