Tiffany Tavern slated for French makeover

Tiffany Tavern slated for French makeover

By Julia Brouillette

The vacated King Street building once home to Tiffany Tavern may experience a renaissance this summer.

Cyrille Brenac, a native of Mazamet, Languedoc Roussillon, France, is a managing partner of Bistrot Lepic and Wine Bar in Georgetown. Upon hearing of the newly vacant space, he saw an opportunity he couldn’t pass up.

Unanimously approved by the planning commission Tuesday evening, the new — and currently unnamed — restaurant will serve French bistro-style food and host live entertainment by local jazz musicians. Monday through Friday, customers can enjoy lunch and dinner on the first floor, while the second floor serves as a lounge area during evening hours.

“We’ll do only cosmetic renovations on the first floor,” Brenac said. “The layout will remain mostly the same.”

Since it was left unattended and unused by the former establishment, the second floor will undergo a more drastic renovation.

“I’m going to renovate that completely with a bar and lounge upstairs and a private room in the back,” he said.

Musicians will perform on the second floor. Predominately meant for ambient background music, the shows at the new restaurant likely will be less intense than the entertainment at the former Tiffany Tavern.

Brenac plans to host about two performances per week, thus not publicizing the establishment as a core entertainment destination.
The French native, who said his passion is traveling and meeting new people, summed up the restaurant business as “the real thing.”

“You have direct contact with your clientele, every day and every meal,” he said.