A stylish addition to Del Ray

A stylish addition to Del Ray

By Julia Brouillette

Salon Bisoux — a hip, stylish shop with a talented staff and top-notch amenities — is quickly making a name for itself in Del Ray.

Krista and Philippe Depeyrot opened Salon Bisoux in early April, after ending their 18-year stints at the world-renowned Cristophe Salon in Washington. Krista, the salon’s head colorist, grew up in the area and graduated from T.C. Williams. Philippe, the head stylist, is from southeastern France and moved to the United States in 1989.

The co-owners have been featured on BBC and CNN, as well as in several magazines, including Allure and Washingtonian.

Philippe describes Salon Bisoux — French for “little kisses” — as a true Del Ray product. For almost everything, from the artwork to the web design, the couple consulted neighborhood businesses and artisans.

“We’ve really tried to stay local,” Krista said.

Philippe teamed up with Laurent Janowsky, owner of Del Ray Cafe, and they designed a private menu for salon clients to enjoy before or after appointments. During lunch hours, customers can order sandwiches, salads and quiches, with names like the Hot Brunette, the Red Head and the Up Do.

The couple’s loyal clients from across the region make the pilgrimage to Salon Bisoux — and hopefully fall in love with Del Ray in the process.

“Being part of Del Ray is very important to us,” Philippe said. “It is our home, and we are excited to show our current clients just how amazing the neighborhood truly is.”

The second floor of the salon is dedicated to hair cutting and styling, while the first floor is what Philippe called “Krista’s domain” — it contains the coloring room, pedicure chair and esthetician room.

“The color room is off on its own, so you don’t have to worry about anyone seeing you looking funny,” Krista said.

Inside, an array of hair dyes are displayed on a rack, called a color bar, where Krista mixes shades before applying them to a client’s hair.

“We used to, as colorists, walk away, mix behind the scenes, and just come out with something,” she explained. “But that way there’s no appreciation for what it is that you do. There’s a lot of knowledge that goes into how colors are mixed.”

The salon’s extensive supply of upscale Kerastase hair products is on the first floor, which also houses the refreshment bar, where clients can order gourmet coffees and teas. But the Salon Bisoux owners have taken pains to ensure the upscale vibe does not detract from its accessibility.

“We wanted it to be cool, but we didn’t want it to be so chic that it’s unapproachable,” Krista said. “We want it to feel comfortable.”

Clients seem to agree. Salon Bisoux has been so successful that Krista and Philippe have brought on additional staff to keep up with demand.

And Krista and Philippe don’t plan on getting complacent. Even though they’ve enjoyed early success, the co-owners have more marketing events in the works, including complimentary chair massages from the Healing Tree and a fashion show in the fall, featuring local residents and salon clientele.

“Opening our salon in our neighborhood has been one of the best things we’ve done,” Philippe said. “We are able to bring our business community together and incorporate our friends and neighbors into fun events. It really has been fantastic.”