A thousand thanks for supporting Jefferson-Houston

A thousand thanks for supporting Jefferson-Houston

To the editor:

Jefferson-Houston is a school community with great pride and promise. Amid the difficult moments we have faced over the past year, we have seen great support from so many community members who generously donated their time and expertise. They have poured their hearts and minds into teaching and mentoring our children, and for that, the Jefferson-Houston community is truly grateful.

With the school year over, the Jefferson-Houston leadership and PTA would like to take a moment to recognize the many members of the community who have given their time to our students this year. While we want to thank our official volunteers, we know there are many more people who have supported our students and teachers. You have enriched our children’s lives and made our school a better and stronger community.

Thank you! We hope to see all of you again in September!

– Rosalyn Rice-Harris, principal
Mark Eisenhour, principal on assignment
Shanelle Gayden, PTA president
Delphine Stewart, PTA secretary
Helen Morris, PTA treasurer


Alexandria Tutoring Consortium Book Buddies

Loretta Britten

Stephanie Chin

Julie Duke

Anne Duke

Susan Davis

Jeff Elder

Martha Johnson

Jermaine Mincey

Eloise Payne

Lisa Schumaier

Mary Smirnow

Patti Turner


Jefferson-Houston 21st Century Community Learning Center

Lauren Bishop

David Doll

Officer Esposito

Kendra Jones

Jen Karanian

Andrew Kelley

Nancy Lorentz

Mark Reilly

Allison Taylor

Jenifer Thompson

Juan Valentin

Erica Williams

Rodney Williams


Super Saturday Tutors

Beth Coast

John Dresen

Kelly Dresen

Keil Gentry

Gillian Goree

Linda Kelly

Gene Lange

Jane Malik

Nate McKenzie

Clark Miller

Kathleen Partovi

Rene Paschal

Mary Powell

Elizabeth Powell

Mattie Powell

Emma West

Craig Witmer

Kennetra Wood


Pet Partner Reading Teams

Kathleen Callahan and Eli

Monica Kohn and Shaka

Rebecca Pray and Willie

Lily Richardson and Jack


Tutors and Volunteers

Erin Croyle

James Dickerson

Paula Fiztgerald

Nisa Harper

Faith James

Ali Johannson

Ashika Johnson

Stephanie Kapsis

Patrice Linehan

Pam Mahony

Debra Morris

Stephen Mostow

Dorien Perry

Joyce Rawlings

Michelle Robinson

Pam Smith

Kia Terry

Suzanna Tiapula

Laura Von Shriltz