Cartoon lampooning the president went too far

Cartoon lampooning the president went too far

To the editor:

I am a resident of Alexandria, and I am deeply offended by the “Sambo” caricature of President Barack Obama (editorial cartoon, June 20). And yes, he also is your president as we only have one at a time in the United States.

I am 77 years old, a so-called black American taxpayer and retired U.S. government employee. You may not agree with President Obama, but you do not have to denigrate him. Whatever happened to free and fair press? You are quick to talk about freedom of press, but where is my freedom to respect my president?

You have taken liberties that should not be allowed. This is not freedom. This is denigration of a person who you do not like.

We are all American. I did not vote for former President George W. Bush, but I respected him as our leader when he was in the White House.

– Joan C. Johnson