Don’t count out T.C.’s best and brightest too early

Don’t count out T.C.’s best and brightest too early

To the editor:

Responding to the Alexandria Times article “From T.C to TJ?,” June 27, how dare school board member Pat Hennig denigrate the bright and achieving students of T.C. Williams by saying, “… to be honest with you, I don’t know that we’d have 14 kids pass the entrance exam” at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology.

Our rising T.C. 10th-grader took it as an insult and said there are at least 35 kids in her honors courses who could pass the test or at least would like a shot at it.

I agree with Hennig that lots of kids are “not doing that well” and know that it’s a serious problem. But are you really ready to count our best and brightest out before they get up to bat?

Lack of ambition and confidence by this school district might be the real problem, as her attitude shows. Hennig owes our kids an apology at the very least — and I bet some eighth-graders would love to prove her wrong.

– Kert Davies