Ken Cuccinelli will keep Virginia’s economic engine running

Ken Cuccinelli will keep Virginia’s economic engine running

To the editor:

Virginia’s famously low unemployment rate is in jeopardy from the effects of sequester cuts on businesses large and small. Unless we have a plan to broaden the business base and make it easier to run a company in Virginia, the loss of federal dollars will have a ripple effect from Alexandria to the statewide economy.

Fortunately, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s jobs plan should do the trick. As governor, he would lower individual tax rates from 5.75 percent to 5 percent and cut business income tax rates by 33 percent, while also closing loopholes.

Additionally, he would reduce onerous licensing taxes, like the business professional occupational license tax. As a bonus, he intends to limit government growth to the commonwealth’s population growth rate.

Virginia is known for our business-friendly climate, but we have to step it up to compete in the lean days ahead. Being a low-tax, government-in-bounds job engine will keep Virginia strong and working.

– Valerie Wohlleben