Attack ad misconstrues attorney general’s record on domestic violence

Attack ad misconstrues attorney general’s record on domestic violence

To the editor:

A recent attack ad portrays state Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli as someone who supports violence against women. This ad is absurd and should be dismissed by the men and women of Virginia for the lie that it is.

Cuccinelli has a long record of working against any type of violence against women. As a student at the University of Virginia, he helped to establish the student-led group Sexual Assault Facts and Education, or SAFE. As a state senator, he cosponsored successful legislation that protects domestic violence victims who are unfairly evicted from their homes.

As attorney general, he led the fight against human trafficking in Virginia by giving law enforcement officers additional jurisdiction to investigate and to make a crime of human trafficking something a multijurisdictional grand jury can investigate.

Such a misleading and untruthful ad can only serve the interests of Terry McAuliffe, who has no record — of any kind — of supporting women who must defend themselves against domestic violence.

The women of Virginia must know that only Cuccinelli has a record of supporting those women who must stand up against domestic violence.

– Margaret Teed

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