Many thanks to Kim Allen Kluge for 25 years of wonderful music


To the editor:

For the past 25 years, Alexandria has enjoyed the beautiful music of the Alexandria Symphony Orchestra under the leadership of our highly acclaimed maestro, Kim Allen Kluge.

The city has been very fortunate to have such a widely recognized talent as Kim, whom The Washington Post likened to Arturo Toscanini. The Alexandria Journal, while lauding his powerful, dramatic conducting style, commented that it was reminiscent “of such mesmerizing conductors as Arthur Nikisch and Leonard Bernstein.”

Kim is deeply committed to bringing classical music to the widest possible audience. I had the great pleasure of working with him to bring — for the first time ever — the symphony to Alexandria’s annual birthday celebration at Jones Point when I was city manager. For many, it would be the first time they had heard a live symphony. Kim also initiated the program to bring members of the symphony into Alexandria’s classrooms, which he knows will help to grow the symphony audiences of the future.

And so, congratulations Kim and the Alexandria Symphony Orchestra for your wonderful gift of 25 years of beautiful music.

– Vola Lawson

(Photo/Courtesy Photo)