Taxpayer dollars wasted fixing shoddy public works project

Taxpayer dollars wasted fixing shoddy public works project

To the editor:

Last week a construction team repaired an underground problem in the 200 block of N. Fairfax St. and left the site in such a bad condition that trucks and buses bounced all over the lumpy asphalt. That created an unbearable traffic situation and magnified the noise level that we deal with daily as precious Old Town commercializes exponentially.

A week goes by and the construction team reappears, tearing up the road once more and transporting the crushed asphalt to the dump. In the meantime the crew sits and waits — close to an hour — until the new asphalt is delivered and properly spread over the problem area. What a costly mishap.

Where is oversight and accountability for such incompetent work, and who at City Hall is responsible for justifying spending our tax dollars in such a frivolous way?

We are at the point where roads need to be resurfaced, not patched. Streets need to be cleaned and overhead wires grounded, which is a project that was promised but somehow either stalled or was postponed indefinitely.

– Christa Annett

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