Let’s begin talking about moving Old Town into this century


To the editor:

It is very good that the former Carver Nursery School has been saved in order to acknowledge and commemorate its important role in the lives of many Alexandrians in the last century. The Alexandria Times’ editorial of August 29 (“Lessons for preservationists”) points out the need for a more proactive approach to identifying and planning the means of preservation before viable options are lost.

We are grateful to William Cromley — the former property owner — for his patience and perseverance in working for this solution with new owners. I would suggest that his vision and passion for exploring compatible contemporary design and sustainable architectural solutions merits a proactive approach by the city as the historic district evolves in response to the challenges and opportunities of this century.

The dialogue between the past and the future begins today. Thank you for reporting on it.

– C. Richard Bierce

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