McAuliffe put jobs first — in Mississippi

McAuliffe put jobs first — in Mississippi

To the editor:

When I was driving through Old Town recently, I saw a campaign poster in the front window of a house that said, “[Terry] McAuliffe Putting Jobs First.” I wonder if that sign is left over — as Ken Cuccinelli suggested in their recent debate — from McAuliffe’s campaign to be governor of Mississippi.

Because, as far as I know, that’s the only place he has created any jobs. And even then he has created a fraction of the number promised.

Many communities in Virginia would have welcomed a GreenTech, even though a federal investigation into the firm’s lobbying appears to be confirming the suspicions of Virginia development officials — that it was nothing but a visa-for-sale scheme.

Whatever. Rather than put jobs in the state he wants to lead, McAuliffe went to a state that offered him what he saw as a better deal.

That’s not putting jobs first; that’s putting Terry first. Maybe that should be his new campaign slogan.

– Kami Sapundzhieva

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