Old Dominion Boat Club will continue working with City Hall

Old Dominion Boat Club will continue working with City Hall

To the editor:

My name is Miles Holtzman, and I am president of the Old Dominion Boat Club.

We have been an Alexandria institution since 1880, supporting many charitable activities within the city, such as underwriting the fall rowing program for the T.C. Williams Crew Boosters and holding fundraising activities for those in need — like the Lombardi Cancer Center, officer Peter Laboy and parties for children with special needs from the Alexandria City Public Schools. We have been in our facility since 1923 and acquired our parking lot in 1935.

As the public is well aware, the Department of Interior and city have been interested in our parking lot for many decades. While the club recently prevailed against the federal government at the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia and acquired clear title to our property, the city’s desire for our lot became more pronounced with the conception — and eventual passage — of its waterfront plan.

In the past two-and-a-half years, we have been in dialogue with the city to see how we could accommodate its desires without compromising that which the court said we own. In the six years prior to that, we participated with the Department of Interior and the city to settle the federal litigation that, in the end, resulted in clear title to our property. This year, we have had vibrant and productive talks with city staff identifying 11 issues that frame the discussion.

We appreciate the city’s letter outlining issues requiring discussion and resolution and look forward to continuing a constructive dialogue to reach a long-term settlement. The boat club will be responding to the city’s letter shortly.

– Miles Holtzman
President, Old Dominion Boat Club

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